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Friday, June 24

A Pride Fest flag adorns a bridge in Lititz Springs Park. (Source: Lititz Chooses Love)

• Jan. 6 testimony: Pa. Rep Perry pushed conspiracy theories, sought pardon: Perry, who denies seeking a pardon, reportedly advanced a theory that an Italian defense contractor and CIA officials had flipped votes to Biden using defense satellites. (Source: Washington Post) Gov. Tom Wolf is calling for Perry’s resignation. (Source: WGAL)

• Author Jon Meacham touts U.S. democracy at Lancaster Chamber annual dinner: The U.S. has the world’s best system of democratic capitalism, the Pulitzer Prize winner said, but it requires “strong people” who put their commitment to U.S. ideals over loyalty to any one individual. (Source: LNP)

• Gov. Wolf seeking $91 million increase for skilled nursing homes: The money would bolster the Medicare reimbursement rate, which advocates say is too low to fund adequate care. (Source: Spotlight PA)

• Religious conservatives picket Pride festival in Lititz: They reportedly included Joel Saint and Chris Hume, the panelists at the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society’s forum, “Should We Want an Explicitly Christian State?” Event organizer Lititz Chooses Love said the protesters harassed festivalgoers and didn’t leave until police intervened. (Source: LNP)

• National/world: Supreme Court overturns New York concealed-carry law. (Source: ABC News) Jan. 6 hearing testimony: Trump sought to suborn DOJ. (Source: NBC News) Feds search Jeffrey Clark’s house. (Source: UPI) Ukraine withdrawing from Severodonetsk. (Source: CNN) UN chief warns of “unprecedented global hunger crisis.” (Source: AP)