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Lititz restaurant Tied House no longer hosting ‘Christian state’ forum

(Source: Mid-Atlantic Restoration Society)

A forum titled “Should We Want an Explicitly Christian State?” is being relocated after an intense backlash on social media.

The event, presented by the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society was scheduled for 7 p.m. June 23 at Tied House Lititz, owned by the St. Boniface brewing company. However, the society said in a post Thursday morning that it is “actively working” on a different location due to the “overwhelming response and interest.”

Local individuals and organizations condemned the plans on social media, saying the premise of the forum is unconstitutional and un-American and that the organizers and their allies are known for promulgating extremist and intolerant views.

Initially, Tiedf House Lititz responded with a post defending its decision to host. That post generated more criticism and was subsequently taken down.

Several St. Boniface employees resigned over the matter, reports LNP newspaper, citing an unnamed staff member.

The panelists for the planned event are Joel Saint, the society’s executive director, and Chris Hume, editor of the Lancaster Patriot.

The society promotes the view that the Bible provides “all necessary directions and instructions” for society, including government.

The Lancaster Patriot says it is a “conservative newspaper operating on Christian principles.” In a recent centerpiece article on Lancaster city’s Pride flag raising, Hume quoted Saint as saying the Pride flag is “an idolatrous symbol” and its public display would be banned in a “righteous society.”