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Unemployed? File by 9 p.m. Wednesday, before system goes offline



If you're receiving regular or pandemic unemployment compensation, be sure to file for weekly benefits by 9 p.m. Wednesday this week, the state Department of Labor & Industry advises.

The department is taking the state's unemployment system offline from Thursday until Monday as part of its changeover to a modern, updated version. The system will be offline for everyone, including department staff, and all claims processing will be suspended until the new version is up and running, which is expected to happen Tuesday, June 8.

By filing before 9 p.m. Wednesday, people can make sure their claims are processed before the system goes offline.

"These individuals can also file for these weeks after the new system comes online but the payment date may be later," the department said.

The department says the new system will be more responsive and easier to use. However, skeptics worry that the changeover may not be smooth or the new system may have bugs, further worsening customer service during an ongoing period of high demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The department is continuing to offer online tutorials on the new system this month. Videos and a user guide are available on the new system's home page.