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News: Wednesday, July 7

Tollbooths at the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Somerset interchange are seen in an undated photo. (Source: Wikimedia)

Tollbooths at the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Somerset interchange are seen in an undated photo. (Source: Wikimedia)


New Pa. law allows students to repeat a grade because of the pandemic: Act 66 was signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf on June 30. It grants two categories of students the ability to retake the grade they were in during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Source: WGAL)

Pa. Turnpike tolls to jump 5% early next year: The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission decided Tuesday to impose the higher rates starting on Jan. 2. (Source: WITF)

Local health officials say Delta Covid-19 variant is 60% more infectious than past strains: The Delta variant has slightly different symptoms that previous strains and has been overwhelmingly affecting the unvaccinated across the country. (Source: WGAL)

National/world roundup: Trump to sue Facebook, Twitter CEOs over ban. (Source: NBC News) Haitian President Jovenel Moise assassinated. (Source: Reuters) Delta Covid-19 variant is now dominant U.S. strain. (Source: NBC News) Florida condo collapse finds 10 more victims. (Source: USA Today) Eric Adams declares victory for NYC Democratic mayoral primary. (Source: UPI) Philanthropies eagerly back journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones. (Source: AP)