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News: Friday, June 25

Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center (Source:

Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center (Source:


Pa. Senate passes bill allowing radar use by local police: Pennsylvania is the only state that doesn't allow municipal police departments to use radar, which leaders in Lancaster and elsewhere say frustrates their efforts to deter unsafe driving. (Source: WGAL)

Task force finds racial disparities in Pa. juvenile justice system: The task force's report (Executive summary | Full report) recommends changes that could reduce the juvenile population in detention by 40%. (Source: Fox 43)

The Atlantic retracts claim that Franklin & Marshall College is considering a name change: An article had erroneously reported F&M was rethinking its recognition of former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall (1755-1835), who shaped American jurisprudence and who owned slaves. (Source: LNP)

Wolf expected to veto vaccine passport bill: The measure would bar public entities from requiring proof of vaccination. (Source: Capital-Star)

National/world roundup: 4 dead, 159 missing in Florida condo collapse. (Source: USA Today) Senators, Biden agree on pared-down infrastructure bill. (Source: CNN) Chauvin faces sentencing to day for George Floyd murder. (Source: NPR) Biden names special envoy for LGBT rights. (Source: The Hill)