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June: A Month of Love


Between Juneteenth, World Refugee Day, and Pride Month, June is quickly becoming the month of love we all needed. In a time when we are all staying apart, June is giving us opportunities to come together in spirit, through these holidays.

The pandemic has exposed glaring gaps in community structures across our country, and honestly the world. It has become abundantly clear that the other side of this crisis cannot look like the “normal” we held before. However, that in itself is an opportunity. We have the opportunity, now, to begin examining those gaps and working to fill them with empathy and love for everyone.

Starting in our homes, we can build families that are more informed, empathetic, and supportive of our entire community.

  • We can do that by watching documentaries and movies like these, or this, or these.
  • We can do that by reading books like this, or this by Lancaster refugee Omar Mohamed, or this.
  • And having important conversations around things like this with our children.

It will take time to achieve true equality for all. It will take all of us. But with these things in mind, it will happen.

We live in a community with no shortage of opportunities to learn about ways to make that change possible, and organizations working towards that more inclusive normal every day. Below are ways to celebrate and learn more about these meaningful holidays.

Wishing you all a June that’s rich in love.

Non-Profit Service  

CAP Lancaster and Crispus Attuck’s Community Center’s Celebrate Juneteenth page has a series of events you can participate in today to learn more about and celebrate Juneteenth.

Church World Services Lancaster is virtually celebrating our refugee neighbors. Check out their videos or join their events to learn more about the refugee experience in Lancaster.

The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition has virtual events all month to inform and celebrate Pride. You can see and join them here.

Helper to the Helpers

One of the best things we can do right now is learning to be an ally to our neighbors. This month we invite you to join watch, read, and participate in some way as it relates to Juneteenth, World Refugee Days, and Pride.

The links above include ways that you can directly support the causes.


We can do this. Let’s get to work.