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  • The coronavirus has mutated since it started spreading late last year, and a variant known as “G” is now dominant across the United States and the world. “The mutation doesn’t appear to make people sicker, but a growing number of scientists worry that it has made the virus more contagious,” our science desk wrote. Read the story to learn what makes coronavirus G different from the original version — and potentially more dangerous.
  • If you haven't read our weekend “portrait of a nation in crisis,” do it now. It's based on interviews with nearly 50 government officials, lawmakers, public health experts and others, and reports that:
  • President Trump no longer participates in many coronavirus meetings, delegating the health crisis to Vice President Pence while the president focuses on his troubled reelection campaign.
  • The White House has blocked Anthony S. Fauci, its blunt-talking expert on infectious diseases, from some media appearances.
  • Some states are still struggling to get basic testing and medical supplies, their luck dependent on whether or not they can get a federal official to pick up the phone.
  • And much more about our bungled response to the pandemic, though be warned it's not happy reading.
  • Two days after appearing barefaced at a news conference to praise the country's “truly remarkable progress” fighting the virus, Pence put a mask on and pleaded with Americans to stop spreading it. “It’s a good time to steer clear of senior citizens and to practice the kind of measures that will keep our most vulnerable safe,” the vice president told an audience in Texas, one of several states seeing unprecedented surges in infections.
  • In contrast to the first round of U.S. infections, which hit the elderly hardest, this one appears to be driven by younger Americans ignoring safety guidelines as they rejoin public life. And no, they are not invulnerable to the disease. More than a third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients nationwide are now aged 18 to 49.

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Recurring Resources:

    • United Way of Lancaster County has launched a new website, This digital source of information for our community works in tandem with United Way's 2-1-1 resources to connect people and resources during this time of upheaval.
    • The Asset Map is a county-wide resource for all to utilize. If you need to add/update/delete information please follow the link here:


  • Lancaster Chamber:
    • Website updated daily:
      • Workplace Considerations & Compliance
        This webinar featured Steve Matzura and Austin Wolfe of McNees Wallace & Nurick as they discussed workplace safety measures, employer mandates related to building safety, cleaning measures and employee requirements, and OSHA guidance and compliance.
        ACCESS NOW
      • Workplace Considerations: Practical Strategies for your Workplace and Workforce
        Learn more about change management, how to create new norms, develop effective communication strategies, tips & tricks for outfitting your space and workforce and how to navigate new realities and challenges of the workplace in alignment with CDC and State guidelines as Pennsylvania prepares to reopen.
        ACCESS NOW
      • Maintaining A Compliant Workplace & Workforce Under COVID-19 Restrictions
        This webinar will cover steps employers are taking to comply with the Governor's orders and the implications to the workplace and workforce. It will specifically address: 1) what do employers need to do to maintain a safe working environment; 2) what are the OSHA, whistleblower, and workers' compensation considerations; and 3) what are the employees rights from a non-union and union perspective (e.g. protected concerted activity)
        ACCESS NOW
    • “Let’s Go Strong Into Going Green” :



  • Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health:





Recovery Lancaster:

  • UPDATE: Info
    •, a website stemming from the Economic Recovery Plan for Lancaster County by the Lancaster Chamber, the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County, and the County of Lancaster, is your hub for information to get your business back on track.
    • Quick notes to keep you updated on this resource:
      • Grant Opportunity Available Starting June 15 - Are You Prepared?
        Are you a business with 20 employees or fewer? If so, you can apply for a grant starting next week. The grant is not first-come, first-serve. Grants are awarded based on a variety of criteria. Get the details and see what you have to do to prepare with our FAQ sheet and our What You Need To Know guide.
        LEARN MORE
      • Get Your FREE PPE KIT NOW!
        Are You A Business With 100 Employees or Fewer? You can now sign up for a free kit that includes a mix of personal protective equipment, as well as some cleaning and disinfecting materials. The sign up is simple, easy, and you will get the kit delivered within days of your order!
        GET YOUR KIT
      • Best Practices Are Now Available
        From restaurants to retail, to accommodations to construction, we are offering a variety of video and powerpoint resources to help walk through what your business needs right now to succeed.


Teachers Needed for Virtual Summer Program

  • Online Learning - July 9, 2020 - August 7, 2020
    • This summer learning enrichment program is designed to offer virtual academic skill-building in math and literacy to approximately 600 Lancaster County students PreK through Grade 8 using a high-quality curriculum and engaging instructional materials developed by BellXcel. This program, offered through the Lancaster Partnership for Learning Equity, is committed to providing learners with the digital access and support needed to prevent academic slide over the summer and to prepare them to participate fully in virtual learning opportunities in the future.

Apply Today


PA 211

  • PA211 has recently purchased a new software system. One of the advantages in this new software is the ability of any agency to go into the system and submit any changes/additions to their data at any time.  No need to wait for that annual request anymore !

If you have not yet received your unique user ID and password,  please email Trish Houser, our 211 East  Database Manager,  at

She will be happy to get that out to you and answer any questions you may have as well.

It is always our goal to provide the most current and accurate data as possible, however we do need your help to do this.