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  • These people have been sick with coronavirus for more than 60 days, and doctors don't understand why. Researchers are unsure whether they are simply facing a long recovery — or whether their illnesses will come to resemble chronic conditions that can last for years or a lifetime. One woman developed a fever, cough and stomach problems, and lost her sense of taste and smell. But unlike most people with covid-19, those symptoms never went away. They kept coming and going in waves like a roller coaster that has kept her bed-bound for 89  straight days.
  • Two tried-and-true vaccines — a century-old inoculation against tuberculosis and a decades-old polio injection — are being evaluated to see whether they can offer limited protection against the coronavirus. These vaccines have  been used in millions of people and could offer a low-risk way to rev up the body’s immune system against a broad array of pathogens, including possibly COVID-19.
  • Surgeons at Northwestern announced that they performed the first known lung transplant for a COVID-19 patient in the U.S. a woman in her 20s who would not have survived without it. The patient was on immunosuppressant medication for a previous condition when she contracted the virus, which is perhaps why it devastated her lungs. “They develop these strange holes in the lungs,” said Ankit Bharat, surgical director of Northwestern’s lung transplant program. “If you were to cut the lung, it kind of resembles a Swiss cheese.” The patient is recovering in intensive care.
  • More than a dozen states continue to show new highs in the number of coronavirus cases or hospitalizations weeks after beginning to reopen. The spikes provide disturbing data points in the ongoing tug of war between the economic costs of restrictions and the human cost of lifting them. “Worse times are ahead,” said Joe Gerald, a public health researcher at the University of Arizona. “The preponderance of evidence indicates community transmission is increasing.”
  • Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb said we should be concerned about the rising numbers in such states. “When you look at states like Arizona and Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina — those are where the big outbreaks are right now; Florida to some degree seems to be going up — it’s not a second wave. They never really got rid of the first wave,” he said.
  • Governments keep trying to create policies to manage how people mingle, date and have sex during the pandemic. Behold the “support bubble,” as the British prime minister has dubbed it: Single-adult households in England are now allowed to choose one other household that they don't have to be socially distant from. It’s a (relatively) permissive directive compared to the “sex ban” implemented earlier this month that made it illegal for two or more people from different homes to meet up indoors or spend the night together.

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    • United Way of Lancaster County has launched a new website, This digital source of information for our community works in tandem with United Way's 2-1-1 resources to connect people and resources during this time of upheaval.
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      • Workplace Considerations & Compliance
        This webinar featured Steve Matzura and Austin Wolfe of McNees Wallace & Nurick as they discussed workplace safety measures, employer mandates related to building safety, cleaning measures and employee requirements, and OSHA guidance and compliance.
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      • Workplace Considerations: Practical Strategies for your Workplace and Workforce
        Learn more about change management, how to create new norms, develop effective communication strategies, tips & tricks for outfitting your space and workforce and how to navigate new realities and challenges of the workplace in alignment with CDC and State guidelines as Pennsylvania prepares to reopen.
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      • Maintaining A Compliant Workplace & Workforce Under COVID-19 Restrictions
        This webinar will cover steps employers are taking to comply with the Governor's orders and the implications to the workplace and workforce. It will specifically address: 1) what do employers need to do to maintain a safe working environment; 2) what are the OSHA, whistleblower, and workers' compensation considerations; and 3) what are the employees rights from a non-union and union perspective (e.g. protected concerted activity)
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