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Nanny’s Nighties: Local nonprofit delivers nightgowns to seniors (video)

Angie Kreider, founder of Nanny’s Nighties delivers a care package to a resident at Rose City Nursing on Saturday, April 1, 2023. (Photo: Kyle Gamble)

“It’s a lot of gratitude,” Angie Kreider said. “People are very thankful that we come.”

Kreider is the founder of Nanny’s Nighties, which delivers nightgowns and care packages to women in senior living facilities.

She founded the nonprofit in June 2021, after her mother’s death from Alzheimer’s, as a way to give back to women who might not have financial resources or family to provide for them.

Kreider reaches out to senior care facilities so she can personalize the gift bags, which contain nightgowns, socks and personal care items.

Velrose/Shadowline Lingerie is providing the nightgowns at cost for Nanny’s Nighties.

“We love that we are here local and that we can give back to Lancaster County,” said Kate West, Velrose’s director of operations.

Nanny’s Nighties is filling an acute need. According to the Associated Press, nearly two-thirds of seniors in nursing homes are on Medicaid. In Pennsylvania, Medicaid’s personal needs allowance is just $45 a month: For seniors who don’t have family and friends to chip in, that small amount is all they have to cover anything not provided by the home.

Kreider said people have shed tears and given hugs when they have received their gift bags.

Nannie’s Nighties has delivered more than 500 nightgowns since it debuted. Kreider and her team of volunteers make deliveries in April and December.

They look forward to continuing this tradition of making women smile in Lancaster County.