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Tuesday, Oct. 10

Playing checkers at the Manheim Community Farm Show. (Source: Manheim Community Farm Show)

• ‘FaithfulGive’ organizes donation campaign for Christian nonprofits: More than 50 nonprofits are signed up for the event, which runs Oct. 15-17. Its president is an associate pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church and it espouses a creed based on “the authority of the Bible.” (Source: LNP)

• Motorcycle crash leaves city firefighter in critical condition: Chris McCann “continues to fight for his life” after the Sept. 28 accident, the Bureau of Fire said in a Facebook post. (Source: ABC 27)

• Manheim Community Farm Show kicks off: Festivities continue through Saturday. (Source: CBS 21

• County Prison’s 1991 renovation swamped by population growth: Prisoners were doubled up in cells designed for one, and basketball courts were repurposed as housing. (Source: LNP)

• Local Jewish community reacts to Hamas attack on Israel: Hamas goal is Israel’s destruction “and that just can’t be allowed,” said Miriam Baumgartner, president of the Jewish Community Alliance of Lancaster. (Source: Fox 43)

• Nation/world: Israel continues retaliation against Hamas. (Source: CBS News) Police shoot driver after car rams Chinese consulate in San Francisco. (Source: CNN) Special counsel interviews Biden over classified documents. (Source: UPI) McCarthy proposes returning as House speaker. (Source: Reuters) Extreme drought threatens Amazon. (Source: AP)