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Tuesday, May 9

From left: Janet Diaz, Bob Hollister, Alice Yoder. (Sources: Provided)

 Three Mile Island starts decommissioning Unit 2: Crews are beginning to remove core debris after decades of monitoring the site of 1979’s partial meltdown. (Source: ABC 27)

 Gift of LNP to WITF represents a rare but growing trend: Had a for-profit media company acquired LNP instead, it likely would make major cuts in jobs and publication schedule, industry analysts said. (Source: LNP | WITF)

 Yoder outpaces Hollister, Diaz on fundraising: County commissioner candidate Alice Yoder raised about $65,000 through April, versus about $30,000 for Bob Hollister. Candidate Janet Diaz raised $1,250, but carried over $30,000 from a previous campaign and received a $5,000 radio ad as an in-kind donation. (Source: LNP)

 Pa. College of Health Science conducts poverty simulation: The activity is intended to sensitize students to the challenges faced by low-income households. (Source: ABC 27)

 Pennsylvania launches major Lyme Disease study: Climate change is making the state more hospitable to the ticks that carry the disease. (Source: State Impact PA)

 Nation/world: Russia defiant as it marks annual ‘Victory Day.’ (Source: CBS News) Biden, McCarthy to meet on debt ceiling. (Source: USA Today) Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan arrested. (Source: BBC News) North Dakota governor signs bills banning pronoun policies. (Source: UPI) Texas shooter wore ‘RWDS’ patch. (Source: AP) Poll: Majority of Americans say Supreme Court bases rulings on personal political preferences. (Source: ABC News)