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Tuesday, March 14

Janus School students release fish into the Little Chiques Creek in this 2019 file photo. (Source: Janus School)

• Municipal leaders raise financial concerns over first-responder bill: Legislation passed by the state House would require local governments to cover the expenses of post-traumatic stress care for police, firefighters and EMTs. (Source: LNP)

• Dover Area school board to discuss district gender policies: A parent recently sued the district, saying teachers treated her 14-year-old child as male without informing her. (Source: CBS 21)  

• Janus School students release fish into Little Chiques Creek: This year’s release of rainbow trout is the largest to date. (Source: ABC 27)  

• Gov. Shapiro establishes workforce committee: The Hire, Improve, Recruit, Empower (HIRE) group will seek to strengthen state government recruitment practices. (Source: Capital-Star)

• Cyril Wecht dies at 93: The pathologist was best known for arguing against the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy. (Source: WGAL)  

• Nation/world: Biden raises tariffs on Chinese imports. (Source: UPI) Cohen continues testimony in Trump trial. (Source: USA Today) Blinken visits Ukraine. (Source: AP) Country of Georgia passes controversial foreign agent law. (Source: BBC News) Melinda Gates resigns from Gates Foundation. (Source: NPR) AP investigation: Police routinely violate use of force guidelines. (Source: AP) Saxophonist David Sanborn dies at 78. (Source: ABC News)