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Tuesday, June 21

Lancaster County Prison (Source: Lancaster County)

• Providers roll out Covid-19 vaccines for children under 5: The inoculations will be available at hospitals, doctors’ offices and pharmacy chains in coming days. (Source: WGAL)

• Police misconduct database has loopholes: Police departments are required to consult the database before making a hire, but there are no penalties for not doing so. (Source: Spotlight PA)

• Social workers rally for funding: Organizers say social services haven’t had a significant increase in state funding since 1990. (Source: ABC 27)

• Staffing shortage easing at county prison: As of last week, the prison was 23% short of full staffing, versus 38% short at the end of last year. The county has stepped up recruiting, raised wages and implemented a hiring bonus. (Source: LNP)

• National/world: Today’s Jan. 6 hearing to focus on Trump’s pressuring of state officials. (Source: CBS News) Russia says captured U.S. vets could face death penalty. (Source: NBC News) Texas GOP’s official platform denies Biden’s win, proposes referendum on secession. (Source: NPR) Dartmouth to replace all need-based student loans with grants. (Source: UPI)