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Thursday, Aug. 31

East Lampeter Township police arrest Pa. State Education Association representatives Adam Weber, left, and Lauri Lebo Rakoff at HACC Lancaster on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023. (Source: PSEA)

• Pa. Senate moves more budget legislation: The legislators passed two “code bills,” one with funding for emergency medical services, hospitals and judicial fees, another would fund private school vouchers and education tax credits. Not included are Whole Home Repairs or K-12 Level Up funding. (Source: Spotlight PA)

• County Prison reports six areas with Legionnaires’ bacterium: The water system in the housing units is being disinfected, with staff and inmates using bottled water in the interim. (Source: LNP)

• WGAL interviews Rep. Smucker: The Republican Congressman discussed Trump, border security and Social Security reform, among other things. (Source: WGAL)

• Pa. Supreme Court considers stormwater fees: The Commonwealth Court ruled that the fees are taxes, which would make nonprofits exempt and cost municipalities millions of dollars in lost revenue. (Source: AP)

• HACC Lancaster has union reps arrested for trespassing: The two representatives had set up an information table and ignored campus security’s order to leave. The union says they were within their rights; HACC said the “publicity stunt” violated campus policy. (Source: LNP)

• Pa. declared free of avian flu: There have been no infections since March, the state said. (Source: Fox 43)

• Nation/world: Tropical Storm Idalia leaves 500,000 without power. (Source: AP) 70+ dead in Johannesburg fire. (Source: CNN) Former Catholic cardinal, 92, found unfit to stand trial for sexual abuse. (Source: WBUR) Sweeping Texas preemption law ruled unconstitutional. (Source: KUT Austin) Sen. McConnell freezes up at news conference again. (Source: USA Today) Nebraska governor issues executive order defining sex as that assigned at birth. (Source: AP)