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Thursday, April 20

Lancaster County Prison. (Photo: Tim Stuhldreher)

 Pa. Supreme Court sanctions Fulton County over election data copying: The county and its attorneys have consistently acted in bad faith during legal proceedings after secretly allowing a third party to copy voting machine data from November 2020. (Source: AP)

 Three endorsed GOP judge candidates skip Rotary forum: Fox The sole attendee was Judge Karen Maisano, who was appointed to the bench last year. (Source: LNP)

 Lancaster County Prison conducts contraband search: The probe of the entire facility is intended to enhance safety. (Source: WGAL)

 Demonstrators shut down streets around Pitt: They were protesting a debate on transgender rights between conservative Michael Knowles and libertarian Brad Polumbo, hosted by Pitt’s College Republicans. (Source: WITF | WESA)

 Is food distribution allowed in Binns Park?: City park codes say picknicking is prohibited in non-designated areas. City officials say food distribution is allowed in Binns Park, but must meet health standards. (Source: LNP)

 Nation/world: SpaceX readies 2nd launch attempt for ‘Starship’ rocket. (Source: UPI) 78 killed in Ramadan food distribution crush in Yemen. (Source: BBC News) McCarthy proposes $4.5 trillion in cuts, revoking student loan forgiveness. (Source: USA Today) Washington state legislature votes to ban semi-automatic rifles. (Source: AP) Facebook users can apply for shares of $725 million privacy settlement. (Source: NPR)