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Monday, Sept. 11

Smoke billows from the World Trade Center twin towers after they were struck by airplanes flown by Islamic terrorists on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. (Photo: Michael Foran via Wikimedia Commons)

• Historical Commission serves as gatekeeper for Lancaster city development: It balances concerns about size, architectural character and other factors of projects brought before it, often yielding a better building, architect and member Seve Funk said. (Source: LNP)

• Cavalcante changes appearance: Escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante has shaved and changed clothes and was seen near Phoenixville over the weekend, police said. (Source: AP | WITF)

• Fracking revenues have brought $5.75 million to Lancaster County: For the past dozen years, it has received revenue from Pennsylvania’s Act 13 fracking impact fee, including $660,900 for 2023. The money goes toward environmental projects. (Source: LNP)

• Conservative activist’s son convicted in Jan. 6 case: Leo Brent Bozell IV, of Palmyra, Lebanon County, was found guilty of 10 charges in connection with the Capitol insurrection, including five felonies. He is the son of Brent Bozell III. (Source: AP | WITF)

• Anthropologists repatriate remains from Carlisle Indian School: They are exhuming five children’s graves to return the remains to tribal lands. (Source: WGAL)

• Responders honored for saving life at Red Rose Run: They administered CPR to a runner in his 50s who collapsed at the finish line. (Source: LNP)

• Nation/world: U.S. commemorates 9/11. (Source: NBC 4) Death toll nears 2,500 in Moroccan earthquake. (Source: UPI) Hurricane Lee roils surf along Southeast coast. (Source: NPR) Mount Kilauea erupts in Hawaii. (Source: AP) Kim Jong Un to visit Russia, meet with Putin. (Source: ABC News)