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Monday, Jan. 9

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s former president, crowd the Esplanada dos Ministerios in Brasilia on Sunday, Jan 8, 2023. (Source: Evaristo SA)

Report: Lancaster County leads Pa. in human trafficking charges filed: District Attorney Heather Adams said the county’s network of highways and hotels facilitate trafficking. (Source: ABC 27)

• Judge Shawn Long dead at 55: In a statement, his family said he died of an aggressive infection incurred during cancer treatment. (Source: LNP)

• Lycoming County launches hand recount of 2000 ballots: Election deniers have pushed for the recount, which county election director Forrest Lehman says is unwarranted. The estimated cost is $55,000. (Source: WITF | Votebeat)

• House Speaker Rozzi pledges halt to all legislation until abuse survivors amendment passes: Gov. Wolf on Friday ordered a special legislative session beginning to day to consider the amendment. (Source: Capital-Star)

• Nation/world: Pro-Bolsonaro rioters storm Brazilian capitol, 400 arrested. (Source: NBC News) McCarthy looks to pass House rules package. (Source: AP) 60 Minutes interviews Prince Harry. (Source: CBS News) Biden makes first trip to U.S. Mexico border. (Source: ABC News) RSV ebbs, Covid surging. (Source: NPR)