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Friday, May 5

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, in cap, is seen at a Virginia gun rights rally in 2020. (Photo: Anthony Crider)

 Former Drug Task Force leader sentenced to prison: John Burkhart will serve 8 to 22 months in prison and has been ordered to repay $140,000, the estimated amount he stole in forfeiture funds. (Source: ABC 27)

 Nearly 160,000 Pennsylvanians to receive money from TurboTax settlement: Customers will be contacted directly and most are expected to receive around $30. (Source: WGAL)

 Shapiro administration advocates for expansion of rent and property tax rebates: Fewer and fewer households have been eligible for the program since its introduction. (Source: Spotlight PA)

 Pa. House Democrats pass constitutional amendment on workers’ rights: The bill, which must pass both legislative houses twice and be approved by voters, would enshrine the right to organize and bargain collectively. (Source: AP)

 Lancaster County sets a jobs record in March: Nonfarm jobs stood at 266,700, the most ever, with unemployment at 2.7%. (Source: LNP)

 Nation/world: Proud Boys’ Enrique Tarrio convicted of seditious conspiracy. (Source: NPR) Russia’s Wagner boss threatens pullout in Ukraine. (Source: AP) Suspect arrested in 2nd Serbian mass shooting. (Source: CNN) Harlan Crow paid tuition for Clarence Thomas’ grandnephew. (Source: CBS News) U.S. nears debt ceiling deadline. (Source: ABC News) King Charles’ coronation set for Saturday. (Source: UPI)