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Friday, June 28

Donald Trump, left, debates President Joe Biden in Atlanta on Thursday, June 27, 2024. (Source: CNN)

• Judge appoints temporary receiver for Retreat Behavioral Health: Judge Jeffrey Conrad’s order applies to the company’s Pennsylvania operations and is intended to protect employees and allow for the potential continuation of operations. (Source: LNP)

• Pa. to begin new year without a budget: Despite the delay, negotiators expressed optimism about their progress. (Source: WITF | AP)

• Two Lancaster County restaurants rank in national ‘Best Buffet’ survey: Shady Maple Smorgasbord and Miller’s Smorgasbord finished first and third, respectively, in USA Today’s poll. (Source: Fox 43)

• Pa. Senate passes bill barring divestment from Israel: The bill would block state pension systems and state-funded universities from withdrawing funds over Israel’s prosecution of its war against Hamas. (Source: AP)

• Pa. House passes bill to expand hunting on Sundays: Some members expressed reservations about the bill’s provisions regarding trespassing and hunting in state parks. (Source: Capital-Star)

• Nation/world: Biden falters, Trump lies in debate. (Source: ABC News) Oklahoma education leader orders schools to teach Bible. (Source: AP) Justice Department charges 193 people in healthcare fraud crackdown. (Source: UPI) Former Uvalde schools police chief charged with child endangerment over massacre response. (Source: NBC News) Jury assesses $4.8 billion penalty against NFL hit in “Sunday Ticket” antitrust case. (Source: CBS News)