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Friday, July 7

The Veterans Memorial Bridge crossing the Susquehanna River between Columbia and Wrightsville. (Source: Wikimedia)

• Gov. Shapiro calls on Senate Republicans to finalize budget: He rejected Republican complaints that he showed bad faith by reneging on a promise to include funding for private school vouchers in the deal. (Source: AP)

• Rapho Township copes with explosion aftermath: Employees are relocating to the Mastersonville Fire Co. building. Meanwhile, two damaged houses near the explosion site have been condemned. (Source: LNP)

• Lawmakers introduce bill to legalize recreational marijuana: The legislation would create business licenses authorizing adult marijuana sales, regulate workplace use and ban marketing to children. (Source: ABC 27)

• Columbia darkens Veterans Memorial Bridge in anticipation of mayflies: In past years, huge drifts of the insects have piled up on the bridge, causing slippery driving conditions. (Source: LNP)

• Nation/world: U.S. to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine. (Source: ABC News) Biden seeks to roll back Trump expansion of short-term health care plans. (Source: CNN) Economy adds 209,000 jobs in June. (Source: Washington Post) FDA approves Alzheimer’s drug Leqembi. (Source: NPR) Greene reportedly booted from Freedom Caucus. (Source: The Hill) United Methodists lose one-fifth of churches over LGBTQ+ policy. (Source: AP)