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County extends correctional facility project contract with owner’s rep CGL

From left: County Purchasing Director Linda Schreiner and CGL representatives Ed Whatley and Wayne Freeh attend a listening session on the county’s correctional facility project at the County Government Center on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2023. (Photo: Tim Stuhldreher)

Lancaster County this week extended the contract term of the consulting firm that is helping it manage the development of its new correctional facility.

The contract term with CGL, the county’s “owner’s representative,” started in July 2022 and originally ran through the end of June this year. The extension, approved Wednesday by the county commissioners, moves the end date to the last day of February 2025.

Progress on the project has taken a bit longer than expected, county Purchasing Director Linda Schriner said: The extension should allow enough time to complete the design and bidding phases.

The contract amount, $2.56 million, remains unchanged, she said. A few stipulations were added regarding limits on travel, lodging and per diem expenses, to reflect standard county policy.

The commissioners noted that provisions for an extension were reflected in the original contract. The county has said all along that its timelines were fluid, and it would be as deliberate as necessary in planning and development, Commissioner Ray D’Agostino said.

The project timeline continues to show the correctional facility opening by the end of 2026.

CGL is the largest corrections company in the world. As owner’s representative, it advises the county and acts on its behalf, providing a level of industry-specific expertise the county does not have in-house.