(Source: Pennie.com)
(Source: Pennie.com)

Today, Friday, Jan. 15, is the last day for Pennsylvanians to enroll for health care coverage through Pennie.com, the state's online marketplace.

Midnight is the deadline for obtaining coverage, and the Pennie call center, (844) 844-8040, will be open until then, state officials said. Plans take effect Feb. 1.

Pennie is the state's replacement for HealthCare.gov, the federal government health insurance marketplace established under the Affordable Care Act.

As with HealthCare.gov, customers using Pennie are eligible for subsidies. Nearly 9 out of 10 qualify, Pennie Executive Director Zachary Sherman said.

Customers seeking coverage beginning Jan. 1 had to enroll by Dec. 22, a deadline extended at the last minute from Dec. 15. Today's deadline gives potential customers one final opportunity for open enrollment for 2021.

State officials say they can run Pennie more cheaply than it costs to be part of the federal marketplace. Savings are being used to fund a reinsurance program they say will make Pennsylvanians' health insurance less expensive and keep rate hikes to a minimum.

At an event promoting Pennie on Friday morning, Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman said the reinsurance program led to a statewide average premium decrease of 3.3% this year, rather than an increase.

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