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Pa’s work-search requirement for unemployment claimants resumes next week

PA Office of Unemployment

Beginning next week, Pennsylvanians receiving unemployment benefits will once again have to certify that they are actively looking for work.

The state had suspended the requirement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In a statement, Labor & Industry Secretary Jennifer Berrier pointed unemployed Pennsylvanians to the state's network of CareerLink offices for assistance with job hunting, training and referrals to social services.

Under the work search requirements being reinstated Sunday, benefit claimants must apply for two jobs and complete one "work search activity," such as visit a job fair or employment agency, every week.

As the economy picks up steam in the wake of the pandemic, many employers say they are having difficulty filling open positions.

As Reuters reports, Republicans blame overly generous unemployment benefits for keeping workers idle. Democrats say employers can attract the workers they need by raising wages; and that many job hunters are struggling with logistics issues such as transportation and child care.