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News: Wednesday, Oct. 21

(Source: The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office)

(Source: The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office)


Lancaster sheriff's department asks county for body cameras for the first time: Sheriff Chris Leppler requested funding for 20 cameras for deputies being "generally assigned out on the street." The decision comes after encouragement from County Commissioner Craig Lehman to buy cameras following George Floyd's death earlier this year. (Source: LNP)

Pa. families to rally in Harrisburg in support of education stimulus bill: The bill would give eligible families $1,000 for education expenses like computers, internet and tutoring. The money would come from unspent CARES Act funding. (Source: ABC 27)

Manheim Township display honors 215,000 Covid-19 deaths: The display, entitled "215,000+ We Honor" features 2,155 American flags placed in a field along Oregon Pike near Oregon Dairy, one for every 100 U.S. Covid-19 deaths. (Source: LNP)

National roundup: McConnell, White House at odds on stimulus before election. (Source: Bloomberg) Americans, as a whole, have lost a total of 2.5 million years of life to Covid-19. (Source: USA Today) Web search data shows record high interest in police reform. (Source: UPI) Worsening opioid crisis overshadowed by presidential election. (Source: AP) Nearly eight in ten Americans report the pandemic has caused mental health strain. (Source: UPI)