Smoke pours from the World Trade Center towers in New York City following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


Events mark 20th anniversary of 9/11:  At least seven memorial events are taking place in Lancaster County from today through Sunday. (Source: LNP) The State Museum of Pa. has opened an exhibit, "Witness to History," documenting the 9/11 crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville. (Source: ABC 27)

Pa. Republican lawmakers to return early: They say they want to challenge Gov. Wolf's school mask mandate. (Source: CBS 21) In the state Senate, the Intergovernmental Operations Committee is beginning its probe of the 2020 election. (Source: Capital Star)

School mask lawsuit backed by group behind election fraud claims: The Amistad Project, which is funding the school mask lawsuit brought by state Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman and others, filed lawsuits in multiple states seeking to overturn President Joe Biden's win over predecessor Donald Trump. (Source: Spotlight PA)

National/world roundup: Biden announces tougher approach to Covid-19 vaccine holdouts. (Source: AP) Former presidents to commemorate 9/11. (Source: USA Today) Justice Breyer calls Supreme Court inaction on Texas abortion law "very, very, very wrong." (Source: NBC News) Baby in 'Roe v. Wade' sheds anonymity to tell her story. (Source: The Atlantic)

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