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News: Friday, June 19


Headlines for Friday, June 19, 2020:

Juneteenth celebrated today: The day, which commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of emancipation in Galveston, Texas, is taking on even greater significance in the wake of widespread protests condemning police violence against black Americans and calling for social justice. (Source: LNP)

Masks still required: Customers must wear masks when shopping, and businesses can be cited for not enforcing the rule, Gov. Wolf and state officials said Thursday. (Source: PennLive)

Questions remain about militia at Elizabethtown protest: They were reportedly recruited by borough businesses. Several residents called their presence worrisome and frightening. (Source: LNP)

National roundup: Tulsa imposes curfew ahead of Trump rally (Source: ABC News) Poll: Americans support protests of police, 54%-32% (Source: AP) Twitter labels a Trump tweet "manipulated media." (Source: Reuters) Calls intensify to make Juneteenth a national holiday (Source: NPR)