This image posted to Reddit shows Covid-19 patients lying on the floor at the Jacksonville Library in Florida, which is hosting a Regneron clinic. (Source: Reddit)


Covid-19 outbreak hits County Prison: 63 inmates have tested positive, the warden said, but none are experiencing severe symptoms. The prison has resumed universal masking and other mitigation measures. (Source: LNP)

Nursing home trade groups criticize Biden vaccine mandate: They say mandating that workers be vaccinated could cause them to quit and work somewhere else. (Source: ABC 27)

Jan. 6 arrestee McAlanis takes indefinite leave: Ed McAlanis, chairman of the East Cocalico Township recreation board, faces federal charges in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. In a letter announcing his leave, McAlanis apologized for bringing so much attention to the township. (Source: LNP)

Mastriano backs off 'audit' plans: State Sen. Doug Mastriano said in a since-deleted online video that "the powers that be" are preventing him from holding a vote on issuing subpoenas. (Source: CBS 21)

National/world roundup: U.S. continues evacuations from Afghanistan. (Source: UPI) Texas Democrats end holdout over voting bill. (Source: ABC) Governors, schools spar over masks. (Source: AP) Photo in Jacksonville Library goes viral. (Source: USA Today)

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