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Brave Kids Learning Center opens at The Factory Ministries

The Factory Ministries has opened the Brave Kids Learning Center at its Together Community Center in Paradise.

With the help of partners, churches, and community members, the nonprofit renovated a portion of its building to accommodate the new facility, which will offer workshops, activities, and early learning support within Pequea Valley School District.

“This has been a dream for a while," said the Factory Ministries Executive Director, Adam Nagel.

“This is a spot for the kids to be themselves and to have fun and to learn,” said Karla Neff, Early Learning Advocate.

The Factory Ministries' early learning programs are a collaborative effort between Pequea Valley School District and Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County. They help children become ready for kindergarten by empowering parents to be their children’s first teacher and promoting positive connections with their school district and community.

The center was made possible through the generosity of several key sponsors. They include the school district, CAP, Horn LLP, Grace Point Church, Bruce Moyer, Neff’s Water Service, PPL and Keystone Church, as well as several additional community members.

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Kids learning at the newly opened Brave Kids Learning Center at The Factory Ministries in Paradise, Lancaster County.