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Healthy lessons to teach kids and teens at home

Mother child hand washing

Source: Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Here are some ways parents can help their children build good habits during the Covid-19 quarantine:

  • Practice the basics. Teach kids to keep their immune systems healthy by practicing healthy habits: washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, covering coughs and sneezes with an elbow, brushing teeth every day, getting adequate rest, and eating healthy foods.
  • Explore emotions. You can help your kids learn about staying emotionally healthy by asking about their feelings and what helps them feel better or worse. Young children can draw pictures to explore feelings, and older children can journal about emotions and learn to practice meditation or yoga.
  • Play learning games. ReadyRosie has English and Spanish learning games and activities to help young children learn about health and emotional well-being. Check back each week for new ideas at Find active games to get the wiggles out at
  • Use digital media in healthy ways. Technology is important for children and teens to keep up with schoolwork and stay connected with friends and family. Set healthy limits and choose positive media sources to watch together. Visit to create a media plan for your family.
  • Cook, eat, and play with your food. For young children, you can find coloring sheets on dozens of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods at  Older kids and teens can learn about a balanced diet with and choose healthy recipes to cook at home from the MyPlate Kitchen recipe library.