Lancaster County Community Foundation President and CEO Sam Bressi, fourth from left in front row, and ExtraGive organizers celebrate the success of the 2018 Extraordinary Give.
Lancaster County Community Foundation President and CEO Sam Bressi, fourth from left in front row, and ExtraGive organizers celebrate the success of the 2018 Extraordinary Give.

Election Day has passed. Last Tuesday, people across the nation lined up to participate in one of the most important collective actions we take as citizens — voting.

The lead-up to that day, the months-long emphasis on everything that divides us, compounded by the stress and isolation caused by the pandemic, has, for many, been exhausting. And while we may not yet know all the changes coming to our elected offices, it is time for a change of season, it is time to unite.

On Friday, Nov. 20, Lancaster will kick off the holiday season with our own ‘unofficial holiday,’ the Extraordinary Give.

Throughout that day, visit and make your contribution to any of the more than 500 participating Lancaster-serving organizations. Our community’s generosity is year-round, but on this single day our community pulls together to support something special to all of us: Lancaster County.

As Americans and as Lancastrians, we know there is much more that unites us than divides us.

In Lancaster County, we are uniquely gifted with a deep and broad community benefit sector that adds to the richness and joy of this diverse, innovative, and bucolic county.

The extraordinary generosity of our community provides the resources needed to support causes throughout Lancaster County. Donations support organizations that provide food, shelter, and healthcare needs; that add to the learning experiences and nurturing of our children; organizations that have made Lancaster nationally-recognized as a welcoming community to immigrants and refugees; and organizations that support arts, history and culture, animal causes, libraries, the environment, churches, emergency services, coalitions and more.

During the Extraordinary Give, the magic of Lancaster’s giving and supportive nature is on display for the entire world to see. In fact, thanks to you, the Extraordinary Give ranks as the highest per capita giving day in the nation!

Every year inspires more individuals to get involved and, thanks to Rodgers & Associates, High Foundation, and our other corporate sponsors, every dollar donated on Nov. 20 will be stretched to go the extra mile for causes you care about.

This year, the Extraordinary Give will take on an entirely new level of importance. The pandemic has forced our community benefit sector to forgo many important live-event fundraisers and cancel activities that typically provide essential financial support. Lancaster, we need you to be all in.

Fortunately, the Extraordinary Give has always been a virtual event. You can support your favorite organizations from the comfort and safety of your own home and encourage your networks to do the same.

What are you passionate about? What would you like to see change in our community? Visit now and discover the many organizations working to make our community stronger. Make a plan in advance.

The minimum donation is just $10. But, don’t stop there. Share the fact that you are giving and why with your family, friends, co-workers, and social networks. Use #I Give Extra and see your face and your voice on the special production of ExtraGive CAST on Nov. 20.

Your gift and your advocacy will inspire others to join in the effort. Together, we create a unified effort that celebrates and supports our community. That is the magic in Extraordinary Give.

The Community Foundation launched the Extraordinary Give in 2012. Since then, you have collectively contributed over $53 million to over 500 Lancaster-serving community benefit organizations through The Community Foundation is proud to be the largest sponsor of this annual celebration of giving and has never taken a single penny from the event.

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