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8 Ways to keep your Loved Ones from Catching your Virus

Let’s say you’ve come down with the COVID-19 virus.  You either assume you have it because of your symptoms – persistent fever, an annoying cough and it hurts to take a big breath, or you’ve actually tested positive. Please follow these suggestions, but follow them strictly, to keep the rest of your household from getting sick.

  1. Don’t go anywhere. Many patients who have been infected with a mild enough case to stay home report they feel lousy but there are periods of time when they don’t feel as sick. Do not let the virus fool you.   STAY HOME for at least two weeks.  You are contagious! Stay as isolated as possible inside your home. If you have the luxury of a separate bath, you should be the only one using it.
  2. Throw all your tissues or anything disposable you’ve used in a lined plastic trash bag
  3. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Get it?
  4. If someone needs to come into the room to bring you meals or medication, you should wear a mask and they should too. They should wear disposable gloves if possible.
  5. Cough into your elbow or sleeve. You may be the only one staying in the room, but you could be spewing the virus around from your coughs.
  6. Clean and disinfect all the surfaces in the area you are using.
  7. Leave shoes outside. We don’t know enough about the spread of the virus.  Many health officials advise everyone in the household to take off their shoes outside the door before entering the house.
  8. This might be the most important tip of all. Everyone in the household should know the signs when it’s time to call a medical professional.

They are:

Trouble breathing

Persistent pain or pressure in the chest region

Confusion or inability to fully wake

Bluish lips or face

Now stay home and get better.

These tips have been developed by Dr. Alan Peterson, M.D. Partnership for Public Health