Renee Heller (Photo: Kyle Gamble)
Renee Heller (Photo: Kyle Gamble)

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have been putting all their energy into helping others.

United Way of Lancaster County recently interviewed Renee Heller, a local emergency room nurse, who talked about what she is seeing in the ER and how frustrating it is for her to see people continuing to decline or oppose vaccination.

"We have the resources to control this," Heller said. "We have developed a safe and effective vaccine, and we have the tools to really rein this in and we are not."

Hear more of what Heller had to say in the video below.

(Editor's Note: This video is part of United Way of Lancaster County's Covid-19 community outreach. It was produced with support from Temple University’s COVID-19 Trauma-Informed Workforce Initiative Fund, a program to improve Covid-19 vaccine access and decrease hesitancy in underserved and vulnerable populations.)

United Way of Lancaster County