(Source: Lancaster County Planning Commission | OUL. Photos by Michael Kendrick)
(Source: Lancaster County Planning Commission | OUL. Photos by Michael Kendrick)

Shelby Nauman

Shelby Nauman of Tenfold and Joshua Druce of the Coalition for Smart Growth were on WITF-FM's public affairs talk show "Smart Talk" on Monday to talk about their organizations' upcoming summit on growth and planning in Lancaster County.

The Lancaster2040: Thinking Beyond Boundaries" summit takes place next Thursday, March 31, at the Ware Center, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster.

"We're really going to be talking about Lancaster's future," said Nauman, Tenfold's chief impact officer.

Joshua Druce

Patterns of development affect housing affordability, access to services and quality of life issues such as health and crime, said Druce, the coalition's president.

"To really get it right you can't look at these things in isolation," or narrowly, he said.

Taking the county's Places2040 comprehensive plan as a starting point, the Lancaster2040 summit will feature 15 sessions along five topic tracks: Beyond My Backyard, Beyond the Bubble, Beyond the Narrative, Beyond Borders and Beyond the Plan.

Organizers are expecting around 250 people to attend, Nauman said.

Tickets for Lancaster2040 cost $65 and include admission to all sessions as well as a bagged lunch. For full information and to register, click here.

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