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So…did we ever find the Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of Youth

“What do you want?” I was asked that simple question yesterday on a Zoom call, during a communication exercise. While there is no shortage of things all of us long for right now, I drew a blank in that moment. I felt my brain furiously scrolling through the long list of things I have wanted since all of this began: a vaccine, to hug family and friends, cake for breakfast? My brain scrolled on and on– not catching a single thing. We were not allowed to fill silence with any kind of buffer. So my partner sat in silence while I internally begged for more time to think.

That’s when it hit me. What we all want more than anything else is time. So why not the Fountain of Youth? That mythical spring that Ponce de Leon searched for across the Americas, hoping to drink its waters and achieve eternal youth. While I chose something more grounded during that call, I have wondered…. What would he do with that infinite time and energy? What would I do? What should we all do?

While we never found the fabled fountain, we can create brief illusions of the waters’ effects. We can feel suspended in time. We can become almost instantly healthier and more able. Our Fountain spills from the pages of books. I have immersed myself in other times and worlds to find rest from the world we are living in. I have drank in knowledge about race, the environment, justice, mental health, history to make myself more able on the other side of this. My eyes and heart have thanked me for time away from screens and notifications.

So, did we ever find the Fountain of Youth? Literally, no. Literarily, I think so.


Below are some resources to help you find your Fountain and some ways to spread the word.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay inspired!


Local Resource

Lancaster Public Library have a variety of online resources to access eBooks or eAudiobooks. They will also begin offering curbside pickup and drop-off starting June 15. To access their eLibrary or learn about the curbside services, click here!

Be the Helper to the Helpers

Start a virtual book club with neighbors and friends. Spread the word about what you’re reading and start conversations with people in your circle. You can provide connection to those who may feel isolated right now and give you the opportunity to educate others on topics you find inspiring.


There are countless online book clubs happening right now that are bringing together people from across the country providing connection and inspiration. Looking to try out a few book club experiences before diving into your own? Look at this list for options of those to join. Also, keep an eye out on social media for Leadership Lancaster’s bi-monthly book club coming up June 15. We would love to see you there!